Technology Consulting

1337 Services [pronounced "Elite Services"], by Jacob Campbell.   Providing Technology Consulting Services & IT Support.

I am part of a growing network of independent consultants working together as a gestalt.

My primary goal is to significantly improve your efficiency and reduce your expenses, especially in Information Technology.

My secondary goal is a form of synergy where I continue to provide IT support while improving upon my primary goal.   Keeping you very competitive --for your future.

My experience with various and current technologies proves to provide the most cost-effective and value-added solutions available today.


Save Time & Resources

If you are serious about saving time and resources on Information Technology, call me, Jacob Campbell, by phone at +1(437)886-4984 or email and ask me how!


Save time and resources integrating proven, scale-able and the most cost-effective technologies and services available.  Efficiency is key.  Allow me to evaluate your current processes and operations and suggest any areas of improvement.


Enjoy more free time with automation.

Oversee and interact with your environments from anywhere!  Ask me how customized solutions can complete your daily tasks and workflows even faster.

Network & DATA

I can set up and maintain secure networks, computers, devices, websites, and digital assets.

Be safest using only the most secure and robust technologies and services available.

Next Steps..

Ask me how I can save you valuable time and resources with the latest technologies!  Contact me, Jacob Campbell, by phone +1(437)886-4984 or email