Logo Design & Branding

Your logo design has to be unique so that is can be recognized easily in the market by your customers. With probably over a thousand varieties of existing logos within your niche, it becomes a challenge to come up with a design that is not only unique in every sense but represents your business perfectly.

The effectiveness of a logo is not in its complex design but how memorable it is. It must have the power to make customers instantly recognize your brand in a way that is positive and assuring. Another important feature of a great logo design is its flexibility that allows it to be used across multiple media without alterations for a streamlined presence. This means whether you put it across a large banner or on your company letterhead, its appearance should be similar.


1337 Service’s Logo Design & Branding Services

1337 Services can create exceptional logo designs for your business that help you carve a distinguished identity and leave a long lasting impression in the minds of customers. Our branding experts and logo designers work together to understand the core values of your business to come up with a design that truly reflects your business ideals and give you a tool to leave your imprints across media channels.

  • Our logo designs are original and based on fresh ideas
  • You will have the copyrights to the designs we create for your business
  • Our design process is quick and flexible
  • We welcome you to provide valuable feedback into the designing process