Information Architecture & User Experience

Information Architecture

The information architecture of your website is what decides how easily your visitors are able to find what they are looking for and how well you are able to convey your message to them. An ideal business website is the one that is able to impress and communicate with visitors without overloading them with information that they do not require. Disinterested visitors will leave your website and seldom come back, and we are here to stop this from happening.

The Makings of a Good Information Architecture


  • Easy to read, understand and use websites and applications
  • Information that can be easily located
  • Applications that serve your business needs
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improved conversions and a high return visitor count

User Experience Design

The ease with which your visitors are able to interact with your website is what defines your website’s user experience. Whether it’s finding information through the menu section, executing tasks through applications or purchasing a product, with information architecture the user experience of your website can be vastly improved by organizing and presenting information to visitors in a systematic and strategic manner.

What Our Information Architects Do

  • Design or redesign your website and application interface
  • Increase your website’s conversion rate
  • Make the website more useful for visitors

We achieve all of the above through extensive sitemap planning and wireframing along with application prototyping based use case analysis, which is simply determining the reasons why users wou1ld want to access your website and its services.