Campaign Strategy

As a business it is imperative for you to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. We at 1337 Services are adept at carrying out successful and sustainable campaign to build and maintain relationships with your customers that bring maximum profits. We define your target audience, select the best medium for your campaign and analyze efforts through performance metrics.

A strategy must be built around a series of questions which reveal the true nature of your campaign:


  • What type of audience should you be targeting?
  • Which is the most suitable medium to communicate with your target audience?
  • What should be the duration of your campaign?
  • What is the right moment to launch your campaign?
  • What are the metrics that will help you gauge the response your campaign will generate?
  • What will the plan of action be once you have achieved the desired results?

Development of a Campaign Strategy

The first phase of our campaign strategy development process involves collection of data that help us understand consumer behavior which leads to identifying the most appropriate moment to capitalize on. Our team of brand strategists develops systems for your organization that can sustain and execute your campaign and receive feedback.

Through our solutions, it becomes easier for you to evaluate your existing objectives, leverage your data to achieve optimized returns and enhance your execution and measurement processes.