1337 ServicesTechnology Consulting
1337 Services is part of a growing community of business & technology consulting companies specializing in optimizing business process, procedures and operations through the development and integration of proven, scale-able and more cost-effective services and technologies.

We handle the training, development, integration, support and management concerns of these same services and technologies as well. Not only will we save you time and money while achieving your goals but we will keep you informed on the latest and greatest services and technologies pertinent to the continued success of your business and keeping you very competitive for your future.


Jacob CampbellTechnology Consultant
Jacob Campbell created 1337 Services after over 20 years experience and growth in Information Technology, Software Development and Project Management.

He is a known expert with some of the best computer systems, software and technologies today. Providing software solutions and services to businesses of all sizes (including fortune 500 companies and governments).

Technology has come a long way in the last 20 years! Jacob is confident that his knowledge, skills and network of professionals provide more rapid and reliable solutions while remaining very competitive.

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